Staging Your Sale by Staging Expert Patty Livernois

Staging is an important part of setting up a sale. You want to create an
atmosphere that make your customers want to shop.
I owned a retail boutique for 9 years where the décor, design and
placement of your merchandise needs to appealing.  For an Estate
Sale it is as equally important if not more.  You have the Client who
hired you and the Customer coming in to buy.   For the Client who
hired you, their items are memories and treasures.
You want to give them homage. The feeling that part of their
legacy is being carried on and enjoyed by someone else makes
a difference.  Emotions and healing can play a big part here
depending on the situation. The treasures could be their own
or a close family member.  Knowing that the home and items
will be handled with dignity make a difference.  We all have
emotional ties to some of our possessions.

For the Customers coming in, it is more inspiring to shop if
everything is displayed, organized and easy to find if it is
staged similar to an upscale department store.